A List of Our Available Courses

Aussie X is a unique sports and cultural program that teaches students, and their teachers Aussie Rules Football (aka FOOTY), Netball, Touch Rugby and Cricket. Laced within the program are catchy core values that provide lifelong lessons around Havin’a Go at new things, being good to your mates and celebrating wins, especially celebrating Havin’a Go!
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X Dance is a curriculum based program focused on exploring movement in a high energy, safe and fun environment. Designed by leading in-school dance educators, the program can deliver part or all of a school’s dance curriculum.
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X Yoga teaches children the power that comes with controlling their body and mind. Students are taught the power of their thoughts and how stillness in the classroom and everyday life leads to more energy and focus


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X Defence is a physical and mentally challenging program that teaches students the basic techniques to not only physically defend themselves, but also manage conflict using their voice and words. A powerful addition to any school’s anti-bullying program.
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All X Movement programs are designed and built to have a sustainable impact on each and every school that we work with. By providing equipment, teacher training and resources and our incredible Community Engagement Events whereby parents are invited back to your school to engage in the program’s activities with their children.